Katarena Prosci


Origin: New York, New York

Time on Mars: 2.3 Mars Years

Education: Self-Taught

Current Occupation on Mars: Head Chef on Mars Shuttle Bethesda. When the Shuttle is not in operation, Katarena designs the Martian Settler diet. 

Previous Work: Sous Chef: Eleven Madison Park and Mirazur. Head Chef: Noma

Hobby: Kat has always been fascinated by clocks. Luckily, on one of her early Shuttle journeys to Mars, she made friends with an amateur horologist. During the six months journey, Kat was under friend's tutelage every day, designing and crafting clocks in the Shuttle workshop. Once they landed on Mars, they decided to get adjoining apartments and keep building clocks together. Katarena always enjoys the time she makes and spends with her best friend on the Red Planet.

Katerena Prosci Passages