The Martian Passage chronicles the emergence of societies, technologies, and institutions on future human settlements on Mars. 

The prospect of life becoming multiplanetary, building a human colony on Mars, invites a vigorous intellectual challenge to the established order. Our writers compose a fictional Martian world by scrutinizing the existing customs, rules, technologies, and values on Earth and providing an account of how our terrestrial history will manifest in the future. 


Future Not Fiction 

The Passage is written in a news-magazine medium for two reasons:

1. "Media" is often the most accurate reflection of how humanity experiences reality.

2. The "News-Media" medium is living and breathing. Reality resides in this medium.

By setting our news-media narrative in the future and on another planet, our writers are provided a medium to dissect society and impart a long-term perspective about how humanity’s actions on Earth today will impact the future.


The Martian Passage is the voice of a spacefaring civilization-people that believe in an exciting future, a future that will be better than the past.

We hope that our narrative—the ideas, innovations, policies, and people— will lead to new perspectives, industries, and most importantly, aspirations.

* * *

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