Shoshana Paon


Origin: Toulouse, France

Time on Mars: Two Mars Years

Education: École Normale Superieure Paris

Current Occupation on Mars: Video Correspondent for Mars Public Broadcasting Service (MBPS)

Previous Work: Shoshana has worked for a wide range of media companies on Earth, such Vogue France, Le Point, and the BBC. Shoshana applied to be a correspondent for the MBPS on The Passage’s Classifieds, thinking that she would never hear back from anyone at the MPBS. Once she found out that she got that job, Shoshana hopped on the next Shuttle to Mars.

Hobby: Shoshana was forced to study ballet from age three. Now, she actually likes it. She teaches the only ballet class on the Mars settlements, often having to think about new ways to integrate the lower gravity on Mars into the art. 

Shoshana Paon Passages