A Cooking Show on the Red Planet


SOL 180

March 2044

Rampant vegetarianism on Mars? How about the first Martian cooking show?

Chow Entertainment has announced the first televised cooking show filmed on Mars called The Red Kitchen, featuring well-known Martian settler and Chef Lili Hestia.

Traveling several Mars Settlements in search of the best homemade vegetarian dishes.

The Red Kitchen will feature Hestia traveling several Mars settlements in search of the best homemade vegetarian dishes. The show will be partially filmed in the new Raylar Studios building in Dao Valles and will utilize the various kitchen utensils, tools, and food preservation technologies that have been designed for Mars gravity and atmosphere.

The settler diet is one that is primarily vegetarian with some fish intake, since vegetables are much less resource and energy dependent than meat. Martian settlers are all on a specially designed vegetarian diet, with additional vitamin and nutritional supplements to ensure the long-term health of settlers.

The show is part of an extended deal with Dispersion, Martian Entertainment Television (MET), Raylar Studios, and other streams. All television shows created on Mars for the Martian audience, such as sports (Martian Handball), nature/educational programming, or Mars Public Broadcasting, historically had spectacular popularity on Earth—making up three of the top ten shows streamed on Dispersion.

The Red Kitchen will air first on Mars on SOL 284, with Earth broadcast set June 22nd, 2044.

* * *

Katarena has been a writer for The Passage since 2042. She writes about food.