Athena Fox


Origin: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Time on Mars: Two Mars Years

Education: B.A. Government and B.S. in Biological Physics at Georgetown, M.D. Vanderbilt University

Occupation on Mars: Physician

Previous Work: Athena primarily has a political background. She was Member of the House of Representatives and was the mayor of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (her hometown). Prior to her political career, Athena was a physician in the U.S. Army.

During her time in the House, she was Committee Chairwoman for the following committees:

Oversight and Government Reform

Space and Planetary Colonization Committee

Hobby: Athena wanted to pursue something exciting after her time in public service. She currently lives with her husband, Martin Fox in Valles Marineris. She lives in a special building-first structure designed by Ames Institute-often rated the best looking housing complex on Mars.

Athena Fox's Passages