Bennie Bumble


Origin: Wales, UK

Time on Mars: 2.3 Mars Years

Education: MA in Film Studies, University College of London

Current Occupation Mars: Bennie was hired by the Agenda Media to film a documentary juxtaposing the culture on Mars. He is currently scrambling to finish that project on time. 

Previous Work: Director of the documentary The Martian Diaspora.

Hobby: Bennie currently lives with two roommates in Kasei Valley. These roommates were his classmates at UCL-now they are Automation Developers on Mars. The three of them make mediocre video games during their free time. In addition, Bennie wants the world (both worlds) to know that he is the only person on the Red Planet who owns an original gamecube and a copy of Super Smash Brothers.

Bennie Bumble's Passages