Max Owlsen


Origin: Born in Vancouver, Canada

Time on Mars: 1.333 Mars Years

Education: B.S.E Physics Harvard, Ph.D. Physics at Caltech. Tenured Professor at Princeton, Specialization in Thermodynamics

Current Occupation on Mars: Max is Chief Engineer for an energy and infrastructure company on Mars, Temperate.

Previous Work: Max was a Professor and Researcher at Princeton. In addition, she was the founder of a non-profit helping school teachers across America, Mexico, and Canada. One of the main efforts of the non-profit led to an increase in salary and perks for teachers in several states. Max moved to Mars because there was more interesting work taking place on the Red Planet.

Hobby: Max dabbles in horticulture (as much as one can dabble in horticulture on Mars). She has been the caretaker of a jasmine plant that she brought from Earth. To her knowledge, Max is the only person on Mars to wake up to the smell of Jasmine every morning.

Max Owlsen's Passages