A Credit Card for Planetary Travelers


SOL 181

March 2044

A Travel Credit Card for the Mars Shuttle. You, Betcha. 

Dhana Financial recently unveiled their first international credit card: The Mars Card. Dhana Financial, a global credit institution based in Mumbai, India provides borderless banking and credit services for anyone who qualifies, regardless of nationality.

Dhana is offering three different Mars Cards—Tier One, Two, Three—each a different shade of Martian Red.  The Tier Two and Three Mars Cards offer a competitive, 6% and 3% cash back for all purchases, respectively, with additional hotel, airline, and hyperloop perks for the Tier Two card. Both cards can be seamlessly used with any mobile or online payment platform, including Dhana’s own virtual and physical pay portals—now the most popular payment systems in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Brazil. In addition, all Dhana Mars Cards are accepted at any physical pay portals on Mars and the Mars Shuttle.

Element. A special shade of red has been coined “Martian Red,” named after the specific red color of the soil on Mars, as a result of iron rusting.
The Tier One Mars Card was unveiled at Base Camp One-Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the solar system.

The exceptional Tier One Mars Card is the credit card that has captured the world’s attention. The Tier One card was unveiled at Base Camp One-Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the solar system. In addition, every Tier One Mars Card is made of metals that are polished using a soil compound from Mars. Oh, and it also has a $200000 USD annual credit card fee.

The Tier One Mars Card serves as a ‘travel credit card’ for current or future Martian settlers.

The Tier One card serves as a “travel credit card” for current or future Martian settlers. This card allows for individuals to receive 7% cash back on all purchases, to be used towards their next Mars Shuttle Ticket, travel to Mars. In addition, Tier One clients also have the highest travel status for the largest collection of hotels, airline, and hyperloop travel options on Earth.

Dhana Financial is building a new travel lounge on future Mars Shuttles, slated for completion by the 2046 Launch Window. This lounge will feature certain luxuries that are not available on the already luxurious Mars Shuttles, such as a spa, wine made on Mars, and Somnia Zero Gravity Nap Pods.

“Best credit card in the Milky Way.”
— Eve Serwat, CEO Dhana Financial

The CEO of Dhana Financial, Eve Cruise says “Mars Cards provide folks on Earth and on Mars to have the bar-none best travel credit cards on their phones, in their home assistants, bio-authenticated pay terminals, or even in their wallets. Due to our global presence on Earth, and the ubiquity of our pay terminals on Mars, Dhana is uniquely positioned to offer the best credit card in the Milky Way.”

The Passage’s Trade Analyst, Dr. Christina Dalton, states “what Dhana’s Chief Marketing Officer Martin Moreki and his marketing team have achieved here is simply remarkable. Many people discount the outrageous Tier One card as useless, a marketing gimmick; however, it has generated significant appeal for the Tier Two and Three cards since folks on Earth want to be both associated with the “Mars” brand—many of these folks also hope to go to Mars one day.”

Despite its high annual credit card fee, Dhana Financial already has over 20,000 applications for the Tier One Mars Card. The company only plans an initial release of only 2033 cards (in honor of the first manned Mars landing on December 26th, 2033).

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