Mars Employment Rights

All forms of employment on Mars are protected by the Mars Fair Labor Standards Act. This includes protections for predetermined contract labor, (such as providing housing, food, and other protected necessities, and an established contract-to-hire conversion track). In addition, all private employers are to include a return “Mars Ticket” as part of any contract labor signing package, ensuring the safe return of workers back to Earth, if the worker so desires after completion of the work engagement.

All public and private employees on Mars are provided no-cost healthcare and unlimited fitness and nutrition consultation.

Prior to employment on Mars, all prospective employees must fulfill the Mars Physical Assessment and the Mars Psychological Assessment (MPAs). MPAs will be also conducted every 250 Sols on Mars, administered by the Mars Health Commission. MPAs follow the Mars Physical & Psychological Commission, updated in 2041.

The Mars Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces the employment rights for Earth-Origin Workers.